Fitness Equipment Installation and Gym Design

Fitness Equipment Installation and Gym Design

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Creating a gym space is an art all in its own. How you lay out and design your space determines your space’s usability and your clients' tendency to use the equipment. 


At 1Source Fitness, we consider installation and layout to be one of the most important things we do. We examine our client's needs, available space, selection of equipment, and more to help create the best possible commercial gym space for them. 


In this case study, we will dive into what you can expect when you work with 1Source Fitness and the process that goes into designing your gym. 


Equipment: Meeting Our Client's Needs 


The first step in any gym equipment installation process is to select a wide range of quality equipment. This includes cardio, strength, and other quality equipment to meet your client's needs. 


Some gyms specialize in certain areas and because of this, they may need more of one type of equipment and less of another. 


Alternatively, some gyms are more generalist and aim to attract as wide an audience as possible. 


1Source Fitness's goal is to find quality equipment to meet your gym's specific needs. We can advise you on the best equipment for your gym, or, if you already have a firm grasp on what you want, we can help identify the top brands that will work best for your gym space. 


Once we have identified the highest quality equipment, the next step is identifying an optimal layout to maximize the effectiveness of your space. 


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Layout Design: Optimizing Space and Flow 


An intelligent gym layout design is just as important as selecting the right equipment. 


Identifying a gym layout that is ideal for you and fits your floor space will transform your fitness space and help ensure that your clients can hit their fitness goals without feeling crowded or out of place. 


In general, you will want to dedicate a space for weights, weight machines, cardio equipment, and other miscellaneous divisions. 


It is also important to remember that if your gym needs other quality equipment such as big rigs, power racks, HIIT spaces, or other such focuses then those pieces will need dedicated space as well. 


Designing an intelligent layout for these spaces requires the experience in gym equipment placement and forethought that 1Source Fitness brings. 


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Installation: Precision and Attention to Detail 


The final part of setting up your gym is installation. 


Installation can often be the most challenging part of the gym transformation process. Since there is such a variety of gym equipment, there is much that can go wrong when you attempt to install your equipment. 


Some equipment has specialized instructions or necessary procedures that must be met that someone new to installing gym equipment might not know about. 


For example, cardio equipment must be installed to specific specifications, and weight benches should have enough room for a person to lie down comfortably with their arms extended. 


1Source Fitness knows the best practices and procedures for installing all types of quality equipment for your gym. Our team of experienced installers is knowledgeable about any type of equipment you may need for your gym and can install it quickly and effectively. 


Hiring the 1Source Fitness team will not only make the installation process faster, but our experienced team will also pay close attention to detail to ensure that your fitness equipment is installed correctly. 


What Difference Does Hiring an Experienced Gym Supplier Make? 


Fitness facilities that are focused on helping their clients hit their wellness goals and making the best possible use of their floor space know that investing in an experienced gym supplier helps bring their fitness center vision to life. 


Hiring a gym supplier with experience makes all the difference in the quality of your gym and its success. With an experienced team, you will have access to knowledge and expertise that would be otherwise impossible to acquire. 


Experienced suppliers will be able to create layouts and designs that are tailored specifically for your space, maximizing its potential. They also understand how to best install equipment to maximize safety and efficiency. 


Having a professional on hand also allows you to make sure that every piece of equipment is installed correctly and securely. 


In addition, when you work with a gym supplier you trust, you will have access to advice and guidance on the best quality equipment to fit your budget and needs. 


Overall, having a gym supplier like 1Source Fitness on board is essential for creating an optimal gym design that meets all of your needs. 


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Expert Gym Design and Quality Equipment Installation from 1Source Fitness 


At 1Source Fitness, we provide quality gym design services and quality equipment installation that will help you create a fitness center that meets your exact needs. 


Our team of professionals has extensive experience in designing gyms and installing quality equipment. We understand the importance of careful planning when it comes to creating an optimal layout for any space and can help ensure that your gym has all the best equipment for your clients. 


We also offer a wide range of high-quality fitness equipment from FreeMotion and Tag, including cardio equipment, weight equipment, weight machines, suspension trainers, and much more! With 1Source Fitness, you can create a personalized gym with the best quality equipment and designs to help your clients reach their fitness goals. 


For better gym design and fitness equipment installation, reach out to 1Source Fitness today! We proudly serve Cincinnati, Columbus, Forest Park, Middletown, Norwood, Beckett Ridge, Fairfield, Sharonville, Alma, Bellbrook, Clermont, Clinton, Centerville, Hamilton, Harrison, Indianapolis, and areas all over Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. 


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