Cincinnati Fitness Repair & Maintenance Services

A Preventative Maintenance Strategy That Minimizes Downtime

No one likes to see their favorite machines out of order. Your gym equipment is the heart of your facility and preventative maintenance can extend the life of your equipment and provide a greater return on your investment.

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Reduce Liability with Maintenance

  • Regular inspections ensure that your equipment is functioning properly and increase the life span of your machines. 

  • We ensure that the equipment you have purchased is consistently maintained and operating in exceptional form. 

Certified & Professional

1Source Fitness’s master technicians provide on-site equipment maintenance both during and after your warranty.  

Timely Maintenance Assurance 

In the case of equipment failure, our response time is 24 hours or better than the competition. 1Source Fitness can be onsite within 48 hours. 

Preventative maintenance options are also offered to provide ongoing care to maximize your up-time throughout the life of your equipment. 

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