Treadmills: A Staple for Your Home Gym or Commercial Gym

Treadmills: A Staple for Your Home Gym or Commercial Gym

A treadmill

In every gym, whether it is a commercial workout center or a cozy personal workout space, you need equipment that focuses on cardiovascular fitness.  


There is no equipment more effective and versatile than the treadmill when it comes to improving cardiovascular fitness.  


It is no accident that treadmills have become staples of most gyms, and nearly every fitness enthusiast has spent serious time running, walking, jogging, or marching on an incline.  


Treadmills let you customize your workout and with an effective plan, runners can improve their speed, stamina, and overall fitness on the treadmill.  


However, even though treadmills are commonplace in every gym today, many commercial gym owners wonder about the benefits of treadmills, the use of a treadmill, and if the latest treadmills are worth the purchase.  


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1Source Fitness has put together this quick guide to answer all your treadmill questions, including the top benefits of treadmills, how to repair problematic treadmills, and who treadmills are best for.  


Keep reading to learn more about all the fabulous benefits of treadmills for your Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, or Northern Kentucky gym! 


Treadmills and Your Home or Commercial Gym 


What are the health benefits of treadmills? Are treadmills right for every gym-goer? Are treadmills good for weight loss? Are treadmills good for heart patients?  


If you run a commercial gym, your clients will have questions and you will be the one who needs to answer them.  


Treadmills can be a good form of exercise for many people, but they are not suitable for everyone. People with certain medical issues should avoid treadmills. Always advise that concerned gym patrons consult with a doctor before they try incorporating a treadmill into their workout routine. 


Treadmills are a terrific form of exercise if a doctor approves for the individual. They can be used for walking, running, or incline training. All improve cardiovascular health if done routinely, and are very efficient ways of burning calories.  


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Those looking to lose weight by reducing their body fat percentage should seriously consider adding multiple treadmill sessions per week to their fitness itinerary. 


Be aware that unless your gym caters to a niche market (for example, a climbing gym or boxing gym), your patrons will expect you to have multiple treadmills.  


Get These Treadmills for Your Commercial Gym 


Standard commercial gyms will need multiple treadmills, and depending on their size, they may need dozens.  


So, what are some of the best treadmills for your commercial gym in Cincinnati, Ohio or Nothern Kentucky? 


Let’s look at three of the top treadmills from Freemotion™, the top fitness supplier in the industry today.  

T22.9 Reflex Treadmill

T22.9 Reflex Treadmill 


This is the perfect treadmill if you are looking for a standard machine that comes with features that your gym patrons will love.  


This treadmill comes with industry-leading deck cushioning, and a stunning 22-inch HD touchscreen.  


It has a 0% to +15% incline and can run at speeds of 0-15 MPH.  


The special foot strike zone feature improves performance while reducing impact.  

T10.9b Reflex Treadmill

T10.9b Reflex Treadmill 


Perfect for HIIT workouts, this model of the Reflex series from Freemotion™ has a cushioning deck and 1-STEP™ controls. When synced with the user's smartwatch (or similar device), the workout becomes interactive, and automatically takes over the incline and speed of the Reflex™. 

A treadmill

T8.9b Treadmill 

With speeds ranging from 0-12 MPH, with an incline of up to 15%, this treadmill is made for interval running. Ideal for those new to the treadmill and senior fitness enthusiasts, a large brace and side rails create wide foot placement for added security. This treadmill can also link to the user’s smart devices to control speed and incline for a customizable workout. 


The Best Treadmills in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky come from 1Source Fitness! 


If you run a home or commercial gym, then you will need a treadmill for your cardiovascular needs.  


Your patrons rely on the best treadmills to get a complex and challenging workout. You need the latest equipment to get prospective members’ attention and retain your existing patrons.  


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By now, you know the benefits of a treadmill, and if you are looking for the latest equipment, whether it be a treadmill or other fitness equipment, then the only place to go is 1Source Fitness.  


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