Your Guide to Buying Your First Indoor Rowing Machine

Your Guide to Buying Your First Indoor Rowing Machine

February 6, 2023  |  equipment, home gyms, hotel gyms, rowing machine
A woman using a rowing machine

Whether you are building a home gym or want to upgrade your fitness center, a rowing machine is a high-quality investment that can take your workout facility to the next level.  

However, not all rowing machines are built the same, and if you rush into the process of purchasing your first rowing machine, you may be disappointed with the results.  

There are a few different types of rowing machines, different features, and, of course, different price tags.  

So, what should you look for when purchasing your first rowing machine for a home residential or commercial gym? 

This post will go over the different features that rowing machines offer, what you should look out for, and how to find the best rowing machine for your gym. 


Key Considerations When Looking for the Best Rowing Machine 


Everybody’s needs are different, so no one rowing machine will be right for every buyer.  

Before you buy, be aware that there are several different types of rowing machines including air rowing machines, hydraulic rowing machines, magnetic rowing machines, and water rowing machines. Each comes with its distinct advantages.  

Learn more about the different types of rowing machines here! 

Be sure you have a clear outline of your needs before you purchase, which will save you time and money in the long run.  

Rowing machines are great for intense cardio workouts. But they offer a distinct advantage over other cardio machines in that they heavily work the back muscles in addition to the legs and core.  

Here are a few key considerations to make before you buy your first rowing machine. 

Noise level. For commercial gyms, you do not want your rowing machine to be too loud as it may disturb other patrons. Likewise, for home gyms, you may get aggravated by excessive sound if your rower is too loud. Determine if sound is an issue for you, and purchase accordingly.  

Space. You only have so much space for your rowing machine. This is especially true if your gym is planning on buying multiple machines or you have a limited home gym. Determine how much space you have to allocate for a rowing machine before you make your purchase.  

Maintenance. Know how easy specific machines are to maintain before you purchase. Machines with complicated parts, like chains, may need a professional if they break down. While those with multiple (yet replaceable) parts may be easier to maintain.  

Specific features. Finally, you may want specific features for your rowing machine. Consider the following features.  


  • Comfortable seat 

  • Adjustable foot straps 

  • Interactive dashboard 

  • Resistance options 

  • Smart features 

  • Additional add-ons 

  • Built-in screen positioning 


All these features should be considered before you make your purchase. Know what you need for your ideal rowing machine now, or face disappointment later.  

Some Top Rowing Machines to Consider 


Let’s take a look at some of the top rowing machines you should consider for your gym.  

Woman on a rowing machine

Perform Better Total Gym Row Trainer 


Built on an incline, this unique rower incorporates strength training into a traditional cardio workout. It comes with adjustable bodyweight training, a design that is low-pressure on the joints, seven levels of resistance, and a computer display that tracks training. Add to that, this machine only takes up 12 square feet of floor space.  

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Rowing machine

Tag Fitness AssaultRower Elite 


Famously durable, this rowing machine offers a hardcore workout that uses a dual-stage chain and belt drive. Best for open training spaces, the transport wheel and no-electric plug-in make moving this rowing machine a breeze. 92.5 inches long and 20.1 inches wide, this rowing machine is ideal for anyone who wants to take their rowing to the next level.  

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Find the Perfect Rowing Machine for Your Gym Space 


Whether you are looking for a rowing machine for your commercial fitness center or home gym, 1Source Fitness has the perfect rowing machine for you.  

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