Albion Apartment Complex Fitness Center Transformation in Nashville

Albion Apartment Complex Fitness Center Transformation in Nashville

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For fitness enthusiasts, having a well-equipped gym is crucial to supporting a healthy lifestyle. But building a fitness center from scratch can be a daunting task. 


At 1Source Fitness, creating state-of-the-art fitness centers is what we do every day.  


One of our favorite fitness center transformations in the past year is the gym renovation we did for the Albion Apartment Complex in Nashville, Tennessee. 


1Source Fitness has worked with Albion Apartments in the past, recently completing a fitness center renovation for their Chicago apartment complex, and due to the quality and dependability of our equipment and installation practices, Albion called on us again for their Nashville apartments.  


Our partnership with FreeMotion gives us the capability of installing quality, large-scale fitness centers.  


Today we will share with you an exclusive look at our fitness center installation project in the Albion Apartment Complex in Nashville, Tennessee to give you a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of a fitness center installation project, including gym design and fitness equipment installation. 

The Albion Apartment Complex in Nashville, Tennessee while it is empty

Behind the Scenes Look at a Fitness Installation Company 


At 1Source Fitness, we love bringing a fitness center to life!  


The Albion Apartment Complex in Nashville, Tennessee was on the lookout for a new fitness center. Satisfied with the work we did for the gym design and installation in their Chicago apartments, they contacted us asking for a fitness center installation in their Nashville location. 

Equipment from FreeMotion and Tag Fitness 


 Our partnership with FreeMotion allows us to perform large scale fitness center installations, so most of the fitness equipment for this job was sourced from FreeMotion. All other pieces came from Tag Fitness.  


We started with an empty space in downtown Nashville. The view was stunning, and it was our job to create a fitness center that left an equal impression. 


What type of equipment does an apartment gym need? Check out this guide! 


For this gym design, we included a mixture of cardio and strength training equipment, in addition to more specified jack-of-all-trade equipment, a big rig weight rack.  


Creating the Layout 


One of the biggest challenges of setting up an expansive space like this is deciding the layout. Equipment sections need to be organized to supply an ideal and holistic layout for gymgoers. Finding distinct types of exercise equipment should not be a challenge. Those who want a cardio workout should be able to find cardio machines easily, and those that want to lift weights should be able to find every machine they need. 


For the Albion Apartment Complex in Nashville, we needed two main sections: 


  1. A cardio section

  2. A weight section 


The Albion wanted each section to be distinct. To carry out that goal, our team split the space in half and used the pillars to create a separation between the areas. That way, people who want to lift wights can do so without disturbing those on the treadmill or bikes.  

Gym equipment rack

Gym Equipment in the Albion Apartment Complex Nashville 


A variety of people live and work in Nashville, so Albion’s top priority was making a fitness center that worked for their residents. They wanted a variety of equipment so every resident could focus on their fitness journey regardless of their experience level or need.  


Machines and equipment range in difficulty and function so everyone can take the next step on their fitness journey.  


Unique to the Nashville Albion fitness center, the jack of all trades big rig is the crown jewel of this Nashville fitness center. It supplies unique workout stations ranging in difficulty so all residents can get the workout they need. And they can progress in difficulty as they improve if they choose.  


Here is a complete list of the equipment installed:  


  • Dual cable cross

  • Recumbent bike

  • Incline trainer

  • Reflex treadmill

  • Ellipticals

  • Chest/shoulder press

  • Abdominal/bicep machine

  • Lat pull down/high row

  • Lift/step machine 

1Source Fitness is Here for all Your Fitness Center Supply Needs 


This is just the beginning for the Albion Apartment Complex in Nashville! As they get bigger, they will continue to add more equipment to the space to give residents everything they need in a fitness center.  


The goal of this fitness center was an organized and holistic layout featuring a variety of equipment that residents can count on to give them a superior workout.  


1Source Fitness knows what it takes to make a fitness center work. We help our partners find fitness center solutions and top-tier equipment that works for them and their residents.  


For better fitness center equipment and installation, you can count on, reach out to 1Source Fitness today


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