A Buyer's Guide to Indoor Exercise Bikes

A Buyer’s Guide to Indoor Exercise Bikes

A woman using an indoor exercise bike

Cardio is one of the staples of any high-quality gym. 


This is true whether you have a large commercial gym used by thousands or a personal home gym used by only one or two individuals. 


Many different types of gym equipment are perfect for cardio, but one of the most popular options is the stationary bike.  


Stationary bikes pair well with treadmills and ellipticals to give your gym users the complete cardio experience.  


What are the main benefits of purchasing a stationary bike for your gym? And what do you look for when buying an exercise bike? 


Keep reading, this post will answer both these questions and more! We will also tell you the major advantages of a stationary bike over other cardio equipment, why riding an incumbent bike is good for you, and the biggest stationary bike advantages that you need to know.  


What are the Major Advantages of Working Out with a Stationary Bike? 


Stationary bikes are one of the best pieces of equipment you can use for a complete cardio workout. Additionally, there are many different types of stationary bikes to choose from, and not all models are created equal.  


So, what are the major advantages of using a stationary bike for your workout over another cardio machine like an elliptical or a treadmill?  


Here are the top four benefits of a stationary bike.  


Low Impact on Your Joints 


For people with injuries or joint pain, the stationary bike is perfect for getting a complete workout without the pain.  


Isolate Your Leg Muscles 


Many cardio workouts address the full body. However, cycling on a stationary bike isolates the leg muscles and targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, and builds strength and endurance in these muscles.  


Easy for Beginners 


Stationary bikes are perfect for beginners because they are famously easy to use and do not test the user’s balance and coordination as much as a treadmill or elliptical.  


They are Comfortable to Use 


Stationary bikes are one of the most comfortable pieces of equipment you can use at the gym. They offer ergonomic sitting positions and often have features such as padded seats and adjustable handlebars.  


The Top Stationary Bike Models You Should Consider 


Now that you understand the benefits and advantages of stationary bikes, let’s take a look at a few of the top models you should consider.  

Freemotion u22.9 UPRIGHT BIKE

U22.9 Upright Bike 


This Freemotion model promises users will experience cycling at a higher level than ever before. This upright bike provides a low-impact, yet effective workout. In addition, the rider will find their motivation beside 1FIT trainers who guide them through the workout for maximum results.  

Freemotion r22.9 RECUMBENT BIKE

R22.9 Recumbent Bike 


Perfect for a high-energy workout, this recumbent bike allows the rider to burn calories and build muscle in comfort and style. Easy on the back and knees, this Freemotion model comes with a high-definition display and advanced workout metrics to help you get more out of your workout.  

Freemotion COACHBIKE™

CoachBike from Freemotion 


When it comes to immersive workout experiences, there are few pieces of equipment better than the CoachBike from Freemotion. This interactive stationary bike takes riders through breathtaking locations (displayed on the high-definition built-in screen) and allows them to adjust the bike to fit their proportion and preferences.  


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Better Fitness Equipment in Cincinnati and Dayton Comes from 1Source Fitness 


Whether you own a commercial fitness center or a personal home gym, you want the best equipment that will maximize your results.  


When it comes to cardio fitness, stationary bikes are one of the best machines to invest in.  


A stationary bike offers numerous cardio advantages while maintaining a low impact on the joints and a low need for balance and coordination.  


What fitness machines are best for total calories burnt? Check out this guide! 


In short, stationary bikes are perfect for beginners who are looking for an excellent cardio workout.  


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