The Importance of Knowledgeable Personal Trainers

The Importance of Knowledgeable Personal Trainers

April 4, 2022
A trainer helping someone lift weights

Every gym-goer needs a little help from time to time.  


If your gym is big enough, you should invest in a handful of trainers who will become highly knowledgeable about the machines and equipment in your gym and advise patrons on how to properly use them. 


The key to getting a great workout is taking advantage of the machines and equipment provided for you. However, beyond strengthening muscles and increasing stamina, safety is far and away from the most important thing in your gym. 


Strange or overly intense workouts can quickly cause harm to your patrons. If harmful workouts were suggested by your staff, then your gym may be liable.  


Because safety should be your highest priority, trainers or any employee that interacts with patrons while they work out should be specifically trained on every piece of equipment in your gym.  


In this article, we will go over the importance of proper training with your gym staff, as well as some initiatives to take if you feel training is lacking.  


A Matter of Safety 


We all want the best workout we can get, but when people begin to experiment with extreme and potentially harmful routines, there is no room for tolerance.  

Common areas of the body that are injured in the gym include 


  • Lower back 

  • Ankle 

  • Wrist 

  • Knee  

  • Shoulder 

  • Neck 

The areas listed above can easily become aggravated from improper use of equipment or overtly damaging workouts.  


Your staff must be able to identify improper use of the equipment and put a stop to damaging behavior immediately. 


Not only will this protect the health of your patrons and equipment, but your business will also be protected from liability.  


Proper staff training directly correlates to the quality of your gym. If your trainers do not know what they are doing, then a health catastrophe is waiting to happen. 


Training Initiatives 


If you feel that your fitness training staff lacks proper education or is behind the times, then you must act to ensure they get up to speed.  


Here are some initiatives you can implement to ensure that all your trainers are proficient with equipment safety.  


Create a Comprehensive Exam for New Employees 


The best way to prevent unknowledgeable employees from joining your team is by accurately determining their skill level before they are hired.  


Many gyms use a traditional interview format when hiring trainers and rely on outside certification.  


For better results, create an exam (on paper, hands-on, or both) and thoroughly test applicants on all gear and equipment.  


Encourage Trainers to Share Their Knowledge 


What good is knowledge if it's kept a secret? Use what your more seasoned employees already know, have them teach their knowledge to greener employees.  


Try this: once a month gather all your employees together for a meeting in the gym. Facilitate an open discussion where your employees can freely discuss areas where they are experts and areas where they need improvement.  


Take note of the areas where knowledge is lacking or lopsided to one employee.  


Then take time for your knowledgeable employees to teach your less-experienced trainers. This will help cover knowledge gaps and ensure that your gym can help patrons no matter which trainer is on duty.  


Be Tough on Safety Violations 

You cannot allow employees to act recklessly.  


Today it is easier than ever before to become a personal trainer. Almost anyone can get certified from courses that last less than a week. Because of this, many fresh personal trainers are young and inexperienced.  


Use an internal training system to stamp out ignorance and set clear rules and punishments when trainers violate safety procedures. 


The best way to ensure safety in your gym is by setting clear rules and following through on them.  

Better, Safer Gyms 


Gyms and fitness centers should be places where people of all skill levels feel confident, they can get a safe and effective workout.  


The best way you can ensure patron safety is by hiring well-trained, knowledgeable personal trainers and purchasing equipment you can count on.  


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