Keep Your Gym Members Coming Back with These Simple Tips

Keep Your Gym Members Coming Back with These Simple Tips

January 2, 2023  |  Guide, Gym, Gym Member Retention, Tips and Tools
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Whether you want to get more members in the door or are looking to convince your existing patrons to renew their membership, there are strategies you can use to make a difference.  


For most gyms, the beginning of the year sees a plethora of new sign-ups and old members returning to meet their new year resolutions. However, as the year goes on, these numbers will dip, and retention will decline.  


Since January is the busiest time of the year, now is the perfect time to implement new strategies to get your members to stick around all year long.  


In this post, 1Source Fitness will break down the top tips to keep your gym members coming back all year long.  


Your Guide to Better Gym Member Retention 


Keeping your members in your gym isn’t always easy. However, by using a few simple strategies, you will see your membership retention stay high all year.  


Impress Walk-Ins with Up-to-Date Equipment 


This is the most basic strategy for success. Experienced gym-goers want to try new things and face new challenges. When your gym is constantly expanding your members will become excited to try new equipment.  


Further, the latest equipment can help your members easily achieve their fitness goals. Improved technology gives your members more information that they can use to improve their performance and more quickly reach their fitness goals.  


Share Your Plan with Your Members 


If you have a plan for how you will improve your gym over the next year, then you should share it with your members. 


If you do not have a plan, now is the time to make one! 


Your members will appreciate feeling involved and a top-of-the-year improvement meeting is a great opportunity for you to hear your member’s needs, and share your vision for the future.  


If your members know what is coming next, they will stay around to see how your plan unfolds.  


Stand Out Amongst Your Competitors By Offering Promos, Events, and Activities 


There is nothing more effective at reigniting your members’ passion for exercise than promos, events, and activities.  


One of the biggest reasons that members stop going to the gym is that they lose sight of their goals, and they feel they are not a part of a community. 


It’s time to be innovative! How can you get your members on the same team to help each other work towards their fitness goals? 


Some gyms use this strategy by implementing something as simple as a community achievement board. Other gyms throw quarterly obstacle courses, triathlons, trail rucks, and other friendly competitions to help their members break away from the traditional gym mold.  


Give Your Members the Resources to Succeed 


Why do members lose track of their fitness goals? Because they don’t know how to set a plan from the start and keep reasonable expectations for success. 


Investing in inexpensive resources for your members to help them find success is a great way to ensure that they keep coming back.  


These resources can be something simple like a printout explaining the correlation between nutrition, exercise, and fitness, along with a worksheet to help members track their nutrition and exercise.  


Or it can be more advanced like a free consultation with a personal trainer or nutritionist.  


Whatever you do, make a conscious decision to help your members achieve their fitness goals and they will be more likely to keep returning to your gym and more likely to re-up when it comes time to sign on for another year.  


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