How to Build Up a Workout Plan

How to Build Up a Workout Plan

November 8, 2021  |  fitness routines, Workout Tips
A notebook that reads 'Your Comeback Workout Plan' that lays on a table surrounded by an apple, bottled water, and a tape measure.

Over the past year and a half, many people around the globe have seen their level of physical activity decrease dramatically. A study published in November 2020 by the Annals of Internal Medicine said that based on smartphone data, from January 19 to June 1, 2020, physical activity levels in users dropped dramatically across multiple countries.  


Another study published in February 2021 by the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that the exercise habits of 5,400 people in the UK dropped highest among the most active people pre-pandemic and people aged 65 and younger. Once pandemic restrictions were lifted, only people 65 and older bounced back to previous activity levels. 


Now that most of the pandemic restrictions have been lifted, many people are returning to the gym to build back up their physical activity and fitness level. Both gym owners and new gym-goers must be prepared to safely and effectively build workout plans to help exercise aficionados reach their workout goals.  


In this post, we will give gym owners, personal trainers, and individuals tips for building their workout routine in a way that will keep them healthy and help them see measurable results.  


Tips for Your Workout Plan 


Whether you are building a workout plan for yourself, or you own a gym and want to create a guide for your gym members, you need to have a plan so your body is properly able to build muscle and shed fat.  


Here are some tips you can use: 


  1. Set Goals and a Timeline. Be honest about what you are capable of. If you have taken time off, don’t try to bounce back to your old routine immediately. Determine what kind of exercises you want to do and how often you will do them, then stick to the plan.  

  1. Put the onus on yourself. Either book an appointment with a personal trainer or have a friend text or call you reminding you to workout. Some people use apps to remind them to workout. Gym owners must make sure that they have a wide variety of equipment that is accessible to beginners.  

  1. Take your time getting back into your routine. The last thing you want is to hurt yourself just when you get going again. That will only cause you to have to take more time off. Stick to your goals and don’t push yourself too far past them. If you have been inactive for more than one month, only work at 25-50% intensity. Increase your workout intensity by 10-15% each week until you are back to full strength.  

  1. Break up your routine. You don’t always need to block out one solid hour to get a full day’s workout. It can be better to split your work out into three or four 15-minute segments. This is a concept called “fitness snacking” and can be easier for those who are out of shape, rather than a full one-hour “fitness meal.” Fitness snacking is perfect for those who can dedicate a few segments to exercise during their day, then spend a longer session at the gym in the evening. 

  1. Making exercise social. One of the best ways to keep up your routine is by making your workouts a part of your social plans. Join an exercise class or make plans to go to the gym with friends. Signing up for a sports team is a great way to have fun while getting exercise. Many gyms offer online classes as well. If you are a gym owner, it would be wise to incorporate virtual classes into your business. For those with home gyms, look for exercise equipment that offers an online course component. Listening to music you like, or even a recorded book, is a great way to keep your mind off the hard work you are doing.  

  1. Get outside. Exercising outdoors can help reduce your stress and provide your body with fresh air. Mental blocks are often the hardest part of working out. Just 120 minutes per week in a natural environment has been linked to an increased sense of wellbeing. A greater effect was found in those who spent 200-300 minutes per week outside.  


Quick Ideas 


Getting back into shape isn’t easy, but if you don’t have a plan, it can be impossible.  


Make sure you are giving your body leniency and celebrating your achievements. This will make working out easier for both your body and your mind. 


Run-to-walk programs are perfect for those looking to improve their cardiovascular health. Focus on either time or distance and stick to your goal. Many choose to run for five minutes, then walk for five, slowly increasing the time they run and decreasing the time they walk until they have reached a point where they are running only.  


Weightlifters should start with lighter weights with a high number of repetitions. After you have increased your endurance, you can begin to increase the amount of weight you are lifting. As you increase weight, decrease your repetitions.  


Alternate between the areas of your body during your workout. This will reduce the amount of stress on your joints and give your muscles rest between sets.  


Watch out for the following pains as they predict injury: 


  • Severe muscle soreness 

  • Shoulder pain 

  • Knee pain 

  • Ankle pain 

  • Foot pain 

  • Hamstring pain 


During a workout, your joints should never be overly sore. If you begin feeling sharp pains or feel as if your joint is coming out of its socket, immediately rest that area. If the pain becomes too intense, take 24-48 hours of rest and reevaluate the area to see if the pain persists.  


Sports activity can be more intense and sporadic. Limit your expectations and take it slow during sporting events.  


And always make sure you stretch and warm up thoroughly before you begin your workout, and take time to cool down after your exercise is complete.  


Getting You into Shape


Whether you are working out yourself or helping someone else get into shape, you must manage your expectations and celebrate your accomplishments, modest as they may be.


Don’t be afraid to take days off to help your body recover. If your body is worn down, then you will only struggle to meet your goals.  


While you are in the midst of your workout, focus on proper breathing to make sure you are providing your muscles with enough oxygen. 


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