Elliptical Machines: A Staple for Your Home Gym or Commercial Gym

Elliptical Machines: A Staple for Your Home Gym or Commercial Gym

Elliptical machine from home gym

When you walk into a gym you will notice a few staples. There are treadmills, squat racks, dumbbells, bench presses, and elliptical machines.  


Elliptical machines are one of the newer staples as they only rose in popularity as recently as the 1990s. Today they are easily one of the most popular pieces of equipment out there because they give you a full-body cardio workout that cannot be replicated elsewhere.  


You will often find that elliptical machines are all in use during a gym's busier times, and there may even be a short line for gym-goers waiting to use this fantastic machine.  


For this reason, many gym owners are looking to expand their array of elliptical machines. Likewise, if even one elliptical machine is out of order, gym owners will want to replace or repair it immediately.  


In this post, we will quickly detail what your gym members will be looking for when they use an elliptical machine, the top benefits of elliptical use, and some models you should consider for your home or commercial gym.  


What Gym Goers Are Looking for From an Elliptical Machine 


Elliptical machines are an excellent resource for gym-goers of all kinds because they can provide various benefits depending on their needs.  


Let’s break down some of the needs elliptical machines can address and the benefits of elliptical use.  


Elliptical Resistance Workout 


Increasing the resistance of an elliptical machine has a profound effect on a user’s muscles and is a great way to work up sweat and build muscle mass.  


Elliptical Speed Workout 


Many people want to increase their speed and improve their cardio health. For a speed test that gets away from the treadmill or track, elliptical training can yield great speed improvements.  


High-Intensity Interval Training 


A combination of speed and resistance is one of the best ways to get the heart pumping. For an intense calorie burn, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is easily achieved on an elliptical machine.  


Top Benefits of Elliptical Machine Use 


Here are some quick benefits of regular elliptical training that your clients and patrons crave.  


  • Boosts stamina and cardio capacity 

  • Burns a lot of calories 

  • Both an upper and lower body workout 

  • Helps burn body fat 

  • Targets specific leg muscles 

  • Easier on the joints than other cardio machines 

  • Improves balance 

  • Many options for use 

  • Easy to use for beginners 

  • Great option after an injury 
Freemotion FMEL84420 e22.9 Elliptical machine

Best Elliptical Machines for Your Gym 


Here are some of the best Freemotion Fitness Elliptical Machines to consider for your home or commercial gym. 


FMEL84420 e22.9 Elliptical 


Delivers an engaging total-body workout with an ergonomically-enhanced, low-impact cardio solution. High-calorie burns with low joint impact. 

Freemotion FMEL84418 e10.9b Elliptical machine

FMEL84418 e10.9b Elliptical  


This elliptical machine comes with a simplified console that can be upgraded with the addition of a smart device. The elliptical's foot placement makes the run, walk, or ski easier on the knees, joints, and back. 

Get your FMEL84418 e10.9b Elliptical now.

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